​​Nicole Bessire-Taylor, M.A., LMFT

PROVIDING Upscale Psychotherapy Services IN GLENDORA

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be an opportunity for you to gain a rich awareness of who you are as an individual and within your relationships with others.  Insight and awareness are cornerstones in developing and maintaining healthy relationships.  Therapy is an environment in which your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and fears can be explored.  It is my sincere hope that therapy becomes a safe haven in which to allow for a more satisfying experience of life and your relationships.

Through the use of techniques from Psychodynamic, Object Relations, and Interpersonal therapies, together we will work to gain an increased knowledge and awareness of the blocks that have been sabotaging your ability to achieve more satisfying and authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Couples Therapy

Being in a relationship can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of ones life.  The gift and beauty of sharing life's journey with another can at times become difficult to appreciate.  Couples therapy is designed with the intent to allow couples a stronger ability to appreciate and enjoy their experience of one other.  In my work with couples, I endeavor to allow both partners a voice in their experience of the relationship.  Conflicts happen when in relationships with others.  Perhaps the vulnerability within the intimacy of a couples relationship causes us to experience these conflicts with more sensitivity.  Some relationships are hurting immensely as a result of disconnection, lack of intimacy, or painful choices made by one or both partners.  A therapeutic environment is one in which these issues can be explored and where healing and restoration can begin. 

Adolescents and Families

Adolescence can be a challenging stage of life that comes with important changes and transitions that can be difficult to navigate.  This time can prove to be challenging for the adolescent and the family as a whole.  Therapy can be a strong container for these types of transitions.  Therapy can be utilized to allow for more healthy family interactions and an increased ability to communicate in effective ways that allow everyone to have a voice.  Furthermore, therapy can be a rich environment for an adolescent to explore who they are and who they are becoming, as well as creating an ability to successfully navigate the delicate process of creating autonomy and authenticity in relationships.

Children and Parenting Services

Raising children is single handedly one of the greatest gifts one can be given.  Thing is, we only get one opportunity to do it well!  Children are unique and each individual spirit has the potential for an offering of incredible joy.  The therapy world for children is one of play and creativity focused on allowing children to do what they are entitled to do, as well as what they do best, play!  Play and art therapy for children sets the stage and allows children the potential to have a deeply connected and healthy relationship with a therapist.  Within the boundaries of this safe therapeutic relationship, children typically experience the permission needed to explore underlying issues.  Thus, allowing for a bond that is central to a child's attachment.

I want to emphasize the idea that parents have the unique opportunity of being their childrens initial models for who and how they are in relationship to others.  Parents also influence a childs insight into how they value themselves.  Having said this, it has long been a passion of mine to work with children and their parents to enhance their ability to interact in healthy ways that foster love, encouragement, and joyful experience of one another.

Christian Counseling

Seeking out therapeutic help as a Christian may be difficult to do.  For those who are believers, it may be important to seek Godly counsel.  Christ centered therapy is done in a way that honors all parts of oneself as created by God; the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Integration of biblical principles into ones therapy can allow for an authentically rich ability to view oneself and others with more compassion.  

As a therapist who is a Christian and who was trained at Azusa Pacific University, I have a special interest in integrative therapy solutions.  I find that for those who are seeking faith based counseling, there is often comfort in simply knowing that your therapist is a Christian.  For others who so desire, prayer, faith based coordination of care, and biblical references can be utilized.  We will work together to determine how you would like to use your experience within your relationship with God to attain your desired therapeutic goals.

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